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"Beach Fun" Boardwalk Memories

Bathing beauty, 1946

This is my “Aunt,” Beverly (Hill) Nornschild Clark, circa 1946. Shortly after the end of WWII when she was 18 or 19. She lives in Salinas now (age 95) from

Diana, 1960

For the ‘Gram, 1960

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of my grandma, Diana. It was taken when she was about 17 years old by her friend, Carla. She told me that

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk get away 1920s

Beach Outing, 1920

Beach get away trip for the family. My great great grandma who went by the nick name “Tiny” is on the far right. The photo was not dated, but given

Two people on the beach

Bathing Beauties, 1928

My husband’s grandmother grew up in the Hollywood area (and is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery). A google reverse image search led me to this source. Florence and her sister

Grandma, 1936

My Foxy Grandma!, 1936

My family has been going to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk further back than my lifetime. This is my 25 year old grandmother in 1936. One of my favorite stories is

Many concerts much fun, 1988

I lived across the street from the Boardwalk from 1986 until 2002. So close that if we did not make to the concerts, we could sit on the porch and

Mom’s Beach Time, 1940

Mom (Marci Armetta McIntire) was born in 1933. She was the joy of her parents life. Here is one of my Grandmother’s pictures of Mom at the Boardwalk, summer 1940


Gregg Rolie been a long-time friend and member of three of America’s biggest super bands and now on his third super group, yes (Santana) (Journey) and the Ringo Starr All-star

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