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"Family & Friends" Boardwalk Memories

Mom Sent it Back, 2017

Friday night concerts on the beach were a regular thing. Driving out from Central CA, sometimes solo, sometimes with friends/family. For years, I took beach balls to toss out, and

Battle of the Bands, 1964, 1964

I was a member of the band, The Pendeltons in 1964 and participated in the Battle of the Bands that year. We won that year and celebrated at the Boardwalk.

Kids enjoying the old pier, 1938

This is my grandmother and her sister and cousins enjoying the Boardwalk while on the old (no longer existent) pier. She has such wonderful memories of their summer trip to

Mamie Started It, 1957

Beginning in 1957, my Grandmother Mamie started taking my brother, cousin and me to Santa Cruz each summer. Most years we would ride a Greyhound bus from Sacramento to Santa

Vacation Highlight, 1986

Every year, my family would camp at nearby Mt. Madonna County Park. We kids looked forward with glee to the day our parents would gather all the cousins together for

Santa Cruz Saloon, 1967

My grandfather (on the right) celebrates his birthday at the Santa Cruz Saloon with his two cousins.

My Grandma and her friends, 1941

This is a picture of my Grandma with her high school friends from 1941, she was born in 1925 and she told me it was in high school so I’m

Our Santa Cruz Memories

When I was little, we lived in San Jose. Every weekend, my folks would pack up the car and we would head to Santa Cruz. I love this place very

Mom loved the beach, 1970

My mom loved Santa Cruz. She grew up going there and took us as kids. Then took her Grandkids. Best memories ever. ❤️ When she died she wanted all her

Fun at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, 1965

Our family enjoyed vacations every year at the beach. This year a reporter from Santa Cruz newspaper interviewed us and we were in the paper. Always a wonderful memory, we

Grandma Ruth, 1929

My grandma passed away in 2004. Was looking through her old pictures and came across this amazing memory. My grandma and friends at the boardwalk, Dated July, 28 1929.

My Mom at the Boardwalk, 1947

This is one of my favorite photos of my mom when she was little. She was about 2 at the time so I’m guessing it was from 1947. My grandparents

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