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"Rides & Attractions" Boardwalk Memories

Grandma riding rides in Santa Cruz, 1948

Grandma moved over to California, Santa Clara in 1940’s from Lansing Michigan. She had never seen or had nice beaches or weather before so while as a teen growing up

The Old Dark Ride from the 60’s

Hello: I loved the “Laf in the Dark” ride. I don’t quite remember its name. I do remember lots of black light paint and a bus with monster heads in

From Fear to Joy, 1944

When I was about 4, I remember crying when my mother rode the roller coaster. It was night and the noise was overwhelming. That fear stayed with me for years–we

Giant Dipper Tradition, 2021

I have been riding the Giant Dipper since my teens – back in the 1950’s. I have made it a tradition to take each one of my children and then

Flying Cages, 1965

I lived in Santa Cruz from 1965 to 1968. Loved the wooden roller coaster but really enjoyed the Flying Cages. Had no problem making the cage move over the top.

Giant Dipper Fun, 1935

This picture was taken of my mom Florence when she was in her early 20’s. Just a day at the beach with her Italian friends and family in front of

The Fun House, 1963

I especially enjoyed your appreciation of the Fun House ( The author’s granular memories of what it was like to spend time there coincided exactly with my own. One night

Marionette show 1970s , 1976

I have a very vague and distant memory of being 6 years old and walking into the small room with a sandy floor and watching a marionette show. It’s more

The Mouse, 1975

When I was approximately 6\7 we came to Santa Cruz and I begged my father to take me on the mouse roller coaster. He finally gave in and we went

Senior Sneak Day, 1965

Campbell High School traditionally sent its senior class to the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz for one day, towards the end of the school year. It was called Senior Sneak Day.

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