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"Romance" Boardwalk Memories

My grandma and grandpa, 1959

This is a picture of my grandma and grandpa (Ken and Nancy) approx. in 1959, when they were first dating. They got married in 1961 they had 4 children and

Wedding Fest ’97, 1997

For years while dating we would meet up with friends on Monday nights in the summer at 8 pm under the Giant Dipper sign to ride the roller coaster together.

Love at First “Peach”, 1960

My parents met on a peach farm. And when my father saw her it was love at first sight. He handed her the most perfect peach he could find and

Neptune’s Kingdom Love, 1950

Flipping through my Great Grandma’s albums I came across this photo of her and my Great Grandpa sitting on the beach in front of Neptune’s Kingdom. He was born in

Shoot the Chutes, 1928

Ray O’Reilly and his girlfriend Victoria in the 1920s. The unusual structure behind the couple has been identified as a rare photograph of the Boardwalk’s “Shoot the Chutes” ride which

Amazing Life “Ride”, 1970

I first met Ed while waiting to ride the Giant Dipper. Since I was standing in front of his friend Art, we spoke to each other first. When our conversation

The Mystery Love Letter , 1968

My wife and I return to the Boardwalk every year on Memorial Day or Labor Day. It started in 1968 when a young sixteen year old girl walked to the

Love at first sight, 1966

I had gone to the beach with my family and while there we ran into some family friends. They asked me to take their daughter on the Boardwalk and buy

My First Date With Mark, 1988

We had a wonderful dinner at Stagnaros on the Wharf, followed by a few rides on the boardwalk, The roller coaster, bumper cars, carousel and my now favorite ride –

Dream Honeymoon, 2018

The Santa Cruz Boardwalk was our first big trip together as a couple, so of course we went back for our honeymoon. We fell in love with the place and

Welcome to California, 1966

My family moved from the Midwest to California in 1966 when this picture was taken, as I was entering the 8th grade. I immediately fell in love with all things

The Unforgettable Night, 2005

Growing up outside of the Bay Area as a child, I came yearly to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with my sisters, who now live at separate ends of California.

Coming of Age, 1984

I worked at the Boardwalk during college (1984-1987) and still have friendships with many of the people I worked with. The best relationship that developed with a former coworker is

Love at First Sight, 1966

I flew to Santa Cruz from Washington state right after high school graduation with one of my girlfriends. I was 17 years old and met a guy on the Boardwalk

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