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Family Togetherness on the Boardwalk, 1947

During the summer of 1947 my father Harold Blackmore, my mother, and I all worked on the Boardwalk. I worked for ?Lane’s Custards? stand.

When my Dad first started he worked the brake at the Giant Dipper. His second stint was working at the Haunted House. One day the people coming out of the Haunted House were especially frightened. It seems the high school student working in the darkened ride was touching the guests as they rode by. He got a tongue lashing from Dad.

His last job was managing the Fun House and after working there awhile he suggested the company put in a public address system to reach the kids goofing off. You may remember my Dad yelling at them to behave.

When it was time for our evening meal my mother, younger sisters, and I would meet in a back room of the Fun House and have a home cooked meal.

During the winter months Dad worked as a painter touchng up the Merry-Go-Round horses, and other painting jobs on the Boardwalk.

Four generations of my family have enjoyed the Boardwalk and we have many pleasant memories.


Doreen Wurts

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