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 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Boardwalk Memories

Bring Boardwalk history to life with your stories and photos!

Everyone has a story to share about visiting the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Whether from years gone by or just recently.

If you have any great photographs taken at the Boardwalk, we'd like to see them! We're especially interested in older photographs, from before 1970 .

Share Your Boardwalk Memories Now

See memories and photos others have shared...

Family & Friends

kids in a speed boat

Our most precious memories include family and friends.

Rides & Attractions


Everyone has a favorite ride, the Boardwalk has been thrilling kids of all ages for generations.


couples in boats

The Boardwalk has always been a popular date destination, there must be something in the ocean air..

Beach Fun

Beach and Boardwalk

A mile of sandy beach helps make the Boardwalk a true California experience.

Fun Food


Food has always been an irresistable part of any Boardwalk visit.



Visitors love the Challenge of a fun Boardwalk game.

Boardwalk Fun Facts

riding the wild mouse

The Boardwalk has roots as far back as 1865. Learn fun facts through classic photos.