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Giant Dipper Tradition, 2021

I have been riding the Giant Dipper since my teens – back in the 1950’s. I have made it a tradition to take each one of my children and then my grandchildren on their first Giant Dipper ride as soon as they are tall enough. My 3 children rode before photos were taken of us on the ride. Of my 3 grandchildren, 2 of them have their photos with me on their first ride. The 3rd one rode on a day that the camera wasn’t working so I took the attached photo of her with the Giant Dipper sign. My children have always honored this tradition and made sure their children did not take their first ride without their Grammy. As I have aged, I feel grateful that I am still strong and able to withstand the jerky ride and come out unharmed – LOL! We have all the photos displayed in our Santa Cruz home which overlooks the Boardwalk and is close enough to actually hear the Giant Dipper and the screams of it’s riders. Great memories – and now so happy to celebrate the Dippers 100th Birthday.


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