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From Fear to Joy, 1944

When I was about 4, I remember crying when my mother rode the roller coaster. It was night and the noise was overwhelming. That fear stayed with me for years–we were frequent visitors to the Boardwalk during the summer since we had a cabin up Highway 9. Even when I was 12, I stayed away from the Dipper — was the biggest kid on the boat ride. I did okay with other rides, Merry-Go-Round, Tilt-a-Whirl and anything but the roller coaster. I finally got up the courage to ride and asked my uncle to take me, but I had to pay for both tickets! I think the cost was 50 cents each—pricey, since the Merry-Go-Round only cost 10 cents. Obviously, I didn’t die and I’ve seen many changes on the roller coaster. It was more dangerous way back when because there was nothing holding you in.

I also remember saving tickets won at the games in order to “win” a really special prize. My favorite was a copper horse statue from Skee Ball. I still have some of these tickets and extra ride tickets in the container where I’ve kept them for over 70 years!

And, after years and years of throwing rings at the clown on the Merry-Go-Round, I’ve never rung the bell.


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