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"Giant Dipper 100th" Boardwalk Memories

We don’t have time, 2008

My daughter had just recently found the courage to ride the Giant Dipper. We did a quick trip to the Boardwalk before we had to pick up her brother from

Once a day, 1986

There were 6 parking meter spaces on the main road right in front of the Giant Dipper. On my way home from work I’d drive by and if one of

Wedding Fest ’97, 1997

For years while dating we would meet up with friends on Monday nights in the summer at 8 pm under the Giant Dipper sign to ride the roller coaster together.

Memorable Celebration, 2024

It was closing time at the 100th Birthday Party for the Giant Dipper, and the massive turnout was not ready to go home!

Wedding ride, 1992

After our wedding reception at the Cocoanut Grove, our wedding party rode the Giant Dipper.

Finally!, 1950

I was always afraid to ride the Giant Dipper as a teenager. I would tell my date “oh I’ve ridden that many times, let’s go to the merry-go-round.” When I

Dipper Operator, 1977

I worked at the Boardwalk for two seasons. That’s when we worked split shifts day and night for the summer. I made my way up to operating the Dipper and

Beautiful Sky, 2024

So many amazing memories growing up in the Bay Area and coming here as a kid. To now bringing my own family here and exploring all the fun areas. The

A family day at Santa Cruz, 2019

My granddaughter and I rode several of the rides together but the one ride that stands out in my mind is the Giant Dipper. Before leaving we enjoyed some ice

Early days of the Giant Dipper, 1936

My husband Ron Harmon and his little brother Glynn Harmon enjoying a day at Santa Cruz with the Giant Dipper in the background…1936. Ron would be 91 years old if

From Fear to Joy, 1944

When I was about 4, I remember crying when my mother rode the roller coaster. It was night and the noise was overwhelming. That fear stayed with me for years–we

Giant Dipper Tradition, 2021

I have been riding the Giant Dipper since my teens – back in the 1950’s. I have made it a tradition to take each one of my children and then

Giant Dipper Fun, 1935

This picture was taken of my mom Florence when she was in her early 20’s. Just a day at the beach with her Italian friends and family in front of

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