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Giant Dipper and Mothers Day Brunch, 1995

Back in 1994 I was 9 years old and my family did the Mother’s Day brunch at the Coconut Grove! The whole crew was there, grandparents and all my cousins. It was my first time at the coconut grove. I remember walking in seeing all the old photos hanging on the wall. I remember the ENTIRE roof being open and feeling like we were outside. And of course the delicious Omelet bar!

After we ate breakfast we spent the rest of the day on the boardwalk. I had never been on the Giant Dipper before or any roller coaster for that matter. I remember standing underneath it staring strait up. I had never been on it before and seeing my older brother scared, naturally so was I. However my Dad had other plans. Although I was younger my Dad took my hand knowing I was the crazy wild son and excitingly said “We are getting on this ride!”. I remember this weird feeling as if i was still standing in place watching my dad and myself walk away into the tunnel where the line is for the ride. I couldn’t say anything as fear had overwhelmed my body. I remember not even being able to move my legs. Felt like I was floating and my dad was guiding me into the line. I took one last look at my brother who had this thank goodness its you not me look on his face.

At this point there was no return. I remember getting in a car somewhere in the middle/back of the train. My dad took the inside seat and me on the outside. I’ll never forget the first little drop into the pitch black tunnel. I screamed SOOOOO LOUD! As we exited the tunnel to that nostalgic now so familiar sound of the clunking chains pulling the train to the top, I remember all the fear being gone and looking out seeing the entire boardwalk and Ocean as we climbed to the top…

The rest of that ride we can all fill in with our own first memories of the Giant Dipper. But for me it was from that day on where my Dad and I had a special connection and a similar interest for thrills and excitement. Growing up in a Four kid family its nice to have your own unique thing and thanks to the Boardwalk and the Giant Dipper I have mine!



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