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Jailed at the Boardwalk!, 1966

Andrea Madriago (left) and I met as freshman at Blackford High School, San Jose, 1964. We both loved the Beatles and with Barbara and Beverly we made our own fab four! After two years I was transferred to Westmont High leaving my friends. On the weekends we would walk to each other homes and took trips. Four of the trips were to Beatles concerts, We also spent a lot of time at the Boardwalk! So many things to do, surfing, body surfing, picnics, live bands, shops, the Fun House and the wonderful wooden roller coaster which we rode over and over again with our hands in the air! Our Senior Sneak Day was here as well. I can’t believe I still have this picture, I have carried it in my Bible for many years, that’s how special a memory it is to me. In 1982 I moved my family to TN but not before we paid one last visit to the Boardwalk where we ate caramel apples and rode many rides, including the wooden roller coaster over and over! In the words of Bob Hope, thanks for the memories.

Diane Taylor

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