Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Larry’s Restaurant, 1968

My first restaurant job was at Larry’s across the street from the entrance to the Penny Arcade. The Arcade occupied the entire first floor of the domed casino building. When I bused tables, I could check out the girls on the beach and the waves at River Mouth, “The Lane” and Cowells by just looking out the big windows that had views that covered east to west. The bad part was that I was on the inside looking out or back in the kitchen doing dishes or cutting up potatoes to make Larry’s real french fries. If he caught you daydreaming out the window, he would find you something to do without delay. Anybody that knew Larry knows he was always going 100 mph darting to help each customer. Growing up in Santa Cruz, the Boardwalk and under the Boardwalk has given me many good memories.

Dale Kaupp

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