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My first Rollercoaster!, 1965

In 1965 I went to the Boardwalk with my David Avenue Elementary School class, I was about 8 yrs old. Oh how excited I was. I recall the sounds of merry bells, whistles, and horns, all the colors and carnival spirit. The smells of popcorn, candy and roasted hot dogs, the oceans breeze upon my face. The laughter and excitement of seeing my very first roller coaster! That morning before heading out on our little field trip we’d learned about the 4 basic food groups and after having sampled the dairy group “cottage cheese”, off we went, happy little campers. That afternoon I got on that roller coaster and to this day…….no cottage cheese for me!!! Having gone back several times as a child with family and friends there were greater times ahead. It’s been 45+ yrs since I’ve been back and this coming July 4th 2014 I will stop by on my way north. I’m as excited as I was the very first time here!!!! 🙂 Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk!

Carmen Smith

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