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A 75 Year Love Affair with the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, 2014

I have been coming to the Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk pretty much every year, from the Pittsburg, CA area, since I was 2 years old and am now in my 7th decade!

My grandma and I spent 3 weeks every year at Millers Court when I was a small child, then my parents brought my sister and I to spend a week in our little camping trailer during our growing up years. As teen-agers we came with friends.

After our marriages, my sister and I spent 3 or 4 days each year with our children at a little inexpensive motel a block from the beach. Then with my grandkids and their families we made our yearly pilgrimage to our favorite place on earth. Now, my great-grandkids come from their home out-of-state to spend the day with me at our beloved Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk. How lucky I am!! But I do so miss the Fun House and the Plunge. Here’s to another 75 years!!


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