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Couples on Boat

 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

"Romance" Boardwalk Memories

Amazing Life "Ride", 1970

I first met Ed while waiting to ride the Giant Dipper. Since I was standing in front of his friend Art, we spoke to each other first. When our conversation began to lag, Art was quiet for a moment then all of a sudden, he reached out, grabbed Ed by the shirt sleeve and yanked him toward me, saying "Ed this is June – June this is Ed. You two talk." This photo was taken the day we met. The rest (as they say) is "history.” From the first moment we met, we were soul mates and most importantly have become best friends. We were engaged on Aug 8th and married December 5, 1970. When we tell the story of how we met on the ramp of the Giant Dipper, we also say it has been an amazing ride. God willing, on Saturday, June 20, 2020, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary with another visit to the Boardwalk and a fantastic ride on the Giant Dipper.

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