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Boardwalk and Playland Memories, 2012

I finally got down to the Boardwalk this past July and re-visited two of my family’s treasures of the past. My relatives owned Playland in San Francisco and seeing Laffing Sal and the Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ on the carousel was a treat, especially as this was the first time I had shown them to my daughter. I had seen Sal when she was in John Wickett’s place in San Francisco and she was in bad shape at the time. Seeing her restored was a thrill. Then seeing the Wurlitzer 165 organ on the carousel was an additional treat. I do wish that the Ruth Organ was back from restoration so I could hear both of them but alas, it was still at the Stinson Organ Company when we visited. Thanks again for keeping the memory of my family’s park alive.

Warren Crandall

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