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Boardwalk Memories, 1968

My Aunt and Uncle lived in Los Altos, and many times when we were visiting them we planned a day at Santa Cruz, and of course the Boardwalk. One particular time we all planned to meet “At the Merry-Go-Round” at one point during the day, but I don’t think a time was ever decided. We all ended up there during the day, but never the entire group at once. There were just too many fun things to do and everyone was distracted.

We finally ended up all in one spot on the beach having a hotdog lunch. I remember someone’s plate collapsing because my Aunt always bought cheap paper plates, and then the wind kicked up and we had sand in all our food, but we laughed about that weekend forever after. The sounds, smells, and memories will live in my mind and heart always.

I can remember standing in front of the Taffy window absolutely mesmerized at the machine that wound that glistening concoction around and around, and it never fell! Nothing can describe the sound of the wooden tracks of that Big Dipper and the screams going down the plunge. The Cave Train was magic! I would hang over the fence waiting for the Dinosaur to come sputtering and growling out of the water, and though I was so scared of him, I would have waited forever to see him. Of course, entering the Funhouse through the clown’s mouth was the ultimate experience back then, especially the giant slide with those itchy gunny sacks! My nieces are now making memories of their own on the Boardwalk, and I am so grateful it is still there for them to enjoy!

Lori A. Heyd

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