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Bonnie’s Hair Saved Me

When I was 7 years old I begged my mom to ride the Wild Mouse roller coaster with me. After hours of begging she finally agreed. My mom has never enjoyed riding roller coasters so this was a great act of love towards me. I sat in the front of the car and she sat behind me. I had very long thick blonde hair and as we went around corners my hair covered my mom’s eyes so she couldn’t see where we were going. As soon as we stopped she yelled in my ear “good thing you have such long hair because it saved me today!” She still remembers this story and tells people any time the Boardwalk comes up.

She’s not in great health now and my family and I took her and my dad to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and beach last summer to see the ocean and she brought the story up while we were on the beach. I will never forget the memories of going to Santa Cruz with my parents and my own children.

Now the Giant Dipper is my family’s favorite roller coaster in the whole world because of the memories that my hubby, children and I have enjoyed over the years together!

Bonnie Van Conia

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