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Cat and Mouse Ride Steals Wig, 1974

As a young teenager my family and I would vacation in Santa Cruz every summer. I was in line to ride the old Cat and Mouse ride which stood approximately where the log ride is now. A family of five, three children with a mother and grandmother, were in line behind me. As the cars only held four people the mother asked if one of her boys could ride with me. I said of course and off we went. When we returned I decided to wait with the boy so he wouldn’t wait alone.

When the mother, grandmother, and two children came back there was a problem. It seems grandma left the station with brown hair and came back with gray hair. As we stood there laughing hysterically a ride attendant walked up with a smug look and grandma’s wig.

I have always enjoyed my time at the Boardwalk and consider Santa Cruz my home away from home.


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