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"Blog Post" Boardwalk Memories

100 Years ago, 1922

Found this photo in an album of my grandfather’s. Other pictures were dated 1920-23.

My grandma and grandpa, 1959

This is a picture of my grandma and grandpa (Ken and Nancy) approx. in 1959, when they were first dating. They got married in 1961 they had 4 children and

First ride on the Big Dipper, 1949

In 1949 there were no age or size restrictions on the Giant Dipper, so my father carried me on that ride when I was an infant in diapers. I don’t

My first Santa Cruz photo, 1958

My parents took me to Santa Cruz when I was 6 months old. My dad’s parents would stay in a little cottage close to the Boardwalk for a month’s vacation,

Building of the Dipper, 2024

I have been told all of my life that my great grandfather was part of the crew that built the Big Dipper in Santa Cruz. His name was carved on

Old Family Photo, 1915

This is a picture of a great-great aunt of mine and other members of the family enjoying the day at Santa Cruz! Fun to see how they used to dress

Rollercoaster Scare, 1964

My friends mom took my friend and I on the roller coaster when you didn’t have to have a height requirement. I remember going up in the air when we

Beach Love, 1950

My maternal grandparents, Sherwood and Christine Beckman, of Lodi, relax on the main beach, in the 1940’s. They enjoyed their day trips to Santa Cruz so much that in the

Cured by the Giant Dipper, 2020

I have a friend whose husband died in an industrial accident leaving her with three children. She fell into a deep depression. Wouldn’t leave the house. Watched TV all day.

We don’t have time, 2008

My daughter had just recently found the courage to ride the Giant Dipper. We did a quick trip to the Boardwalk before we had to pick up her brother from

Grandma riding rides in Santa Cruz, 1948

Grandma moved over to California, Santa Clara in 1940’s from Lansing Michigan. She had never seen or had nice beaches or weather before so while as a teen growing up

Once a day, 1986

There were 6 parking meter spaces on the main road right in front of the Giant Dipper. On my way home from work I’d drive by and if one of

Wedding Fest ’97, 1997

For years while dating we would meet up with friends on Monday nights in the summer at 8 pm under the Giant Dipper sign to ride the roller coaster together.

Memorable Celebration, 2024

It was closing time at the 100th Birthday Party for the Giant Dipper, and the massive turnout was not ready to go home!

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