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Coming of Age, 1984

I worked at the Boardwalk during college (1984-1987) and still have friendships with many of the people I worked with. The best relationship that developed with a former coworker is the one that I have with the former Dana Francis, who is now my wife and the mother of our four children!

What fantastic memories I have – my first couple of days working the kiddie rides, then doing rides like the Bumper Cars, Sky Glider, Merry Go Round. The next three summers were on the Giant Dipper.
I was also interviewed for Bay Area Backroads and helped film The Lost Boys. Even though we worked 6 days a week I was usually there hanging out on my day off too!

The Boardwalk will forever be in my heart and I treasure those old days. It’s great to show our kids where Mommy and Daddy met.

Mike Lepore

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