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Easter at the Boardwalk, 1980

The Saturday before Easter the Boardwalk would hold a huge Easter Egg Hunt in the sand by the bandstand. The tractors would bury thousands of plastic eggs in roped-off areas designated by age group. The youngest age groups would basically have their plastic eggs sticking up from the sand.

The older your age group, the deeper the eggs were buried. We would bring our own plastic shovels and beach buckets. When it was time, the horn would sound and it was a wonderful mass hysteria of children plopping themselves down in a spot and digging furiously. All of the eggs were stuffed with a certificate redeemable for something special at the Boardwalk. Sometimes it was a free corn dog, free soda, candy apple, etc. One year I found the golden egg in my age group. That was the ultimate thrill. Inside was an Unlimited Rides wristband. Wow, was that the best prize ever!!!

Every Easter, I relive my special childhood memories of the magical place where true family memories were made. My children love to hear my Boardwalk stories as they now make their own memories there.

Raina Giguiere

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