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Fun House Memories, 1960

I spent many summer days, all day, in the Fun House during the 60s when I was 7-12 years old. My favorite was the big wooden slide. It went all the way up to the roof of the building. I spent what seemed like all day running up the stairs (when there wasn’t a line) and racing back down the slide. Over and over again. Another favorite was a large wooden wheel that was flat on the floor. Must have been 20′-25′ in diameter. People would get on it and sit down. The wheel would spin faster and faster until everyone would slide off. The last one to slide off was the ‘winner’. Then of course there was the huge barrel that rotates as people would walk through it. I wish the Fun House had still been around in 1990-2000 when my son’s could have enjoyed it just like I did. I recall these memories every time I go to the Boardwalk. The Fun House was the BEST !!

Ron N.

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