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The Giant Dipper, 1958

I went to the Boardwalk often with my family, but would never ride The Giant Dipper. In 1958, when I was 14 years old, I attended my boyfriend’s graduation dance and after the dance we all went to the Boardwalk. I was so exhausted that I forgot I was afraid to ride the Giant Dipper so when he wanted me to ride it with him I did. It was so much fun that when I later went to spend the weekend with my cousin who lived in Santa Cruz I wanted to ride it again. She lived in what is now the Santa Cruz Harbor Master’s house. We walked to the Boardwalk along the ocean, timing it so the tide was out. We went up to the Giant Dipper and bought a ticket and got on in the front car. The guy that was operating the ride that day was real cute and we flirted with him and he let us ride all day. We had a GREAT time.


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