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Giant Dipper, 1980

In the early 1980s I had a business meeting with my board of directors in Santa Cruz and we had a rides pass for all those attending the meeting. Only one other board member was willing to ride the Giant Dipper with me during our one-hour lunch break. We were very lucky because even though it was in January and it was raining, we rode the roller coaster for the entire hour. The only hitch was we had to exit the ride after each run and dash back through the turnstile and re-enter the ride. That one hour of continuous roller coaster riding was the best day I ever had at the Boardwalk. I also have not been able to ride the roller coaster again. 25 years ago I was young, wild & crazy and I could do stuff like that. Now I don’t think I could keep my lunch past one ride.

Joe O'Kane

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