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Grandkids first visit to the Boardwalk, 2018

This picture is of our 2 youngest grandchildren and their first visit to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Our family has been coming here since the late 1940s. I sometimes joke that you don’t need to steer the car….it knows the way there all by itself!

Ahhh……the smell of the fresh seashore air, and the popcorn, cotton candy and hot dogs….The laughing and screams of us kids riding on the Giant Dipper or the Wild Mouse or playing in the Fun House. The non-stop bell ringing and noises coming from the video games inside the Casino building. How about swimming in the indoor pool where the miniature golf now resides. Those were the days! There are over 65 years of fond memories with our family and friends, both on the Boardwalk and over at the pier.

Sometimes dad would stop at Stagnaro’s out on the pier before leaving for home to pick up some fresh fish and spend time talking with his two friends the Stagnaro brothers as they worked the fish counter. As we waited, us kids would walk around admiring all of the latest fresh caught seafood including the occasional shark laid out on a box out front!

“Touch his teeth” I would dare my little sister!

Time keeps marching on and we are blessed to see the next generation of our family carry on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk tradition from enjoying some of the same rides, games, and food that we did and still do, to playing in the sand and water out at the shore.

A true California treasure………..We hope that “The Boardwalk” stands for another 100 years!!

Frank George

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