Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

I grew up across street at Casa Alta apts., 1971

From 1971 – 1981, my mom, my brother and I lived across the street from the roller coaster. I spent my whole young life in this beautiful place! There was never a dull moment! What a way for a kid to go from child to adult… It was the best!!! I ran the puppet show a lot of times at the far end of boardwalk with the owners of the show Sandy and Jack.. Some friends my brother and i met that ran the roller coaster named Tim and Jack would always give me and my brother free ride tickets because we were poor. I had my first child while living down there at 18 years old. I met my best friend and some other dear friend while there. A book could not tell of the life this place put in my heart that will never leave!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! the least I can say. Thanks God for such an experience !

Shelli Farris Gray

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