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Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Main Beach

 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

"Beach Fun" Boardwalk Memories

A Life Time of Boardwalk Memories, 1954

My yearly anticipation of my family's Summer retreat to Santa Cruz was about as exciting as a five year old boy could stand.
Yeah, I fell in love with the Boardwalk before I could walk or talk, I'm sure! The adults of my family were "over the moon' for the fresh 'Turn over Pies', the concession just in back of the pixs location of us, on the then redwood plank steps, as we faced the original Bandstand location, where beginning in the early evenings you were entertained by a variety of acts, organ music, the sounds of which can put me in nostalgic melancholy, even today. So, what's a plan for a vacation this Summer, a few days on the beach in Santa Cruz, I'm sure!

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