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Sea Monster, 1967

As a child, I couldn’t get enough of the crashing waves, looking for sand dollars on the beach or the rides on the Boardwalk. I remember watching the older kids swim across the mouth of the river to “the cove”.

My older siblings would take me (albeit reluctantly) along with them as they visited the Boardwalk. I remember the smell of the midway food and the echoing sounds of laughter—and the rides! My favorite was the Merry Go ‘Round. Being so small, I could never reach the brass rings, but would giggle with excitement as my big sister pulled the ring and proceeded to throw the ring into the clown’s mouth. I couldn’t wait to be big enough to do that!

Unfortunately, leaving the Boardwalk meant one thing. We had to pass the lagoon. And lurking in the lagoon was the SEA MONSTER. I can’t tell you how frightening that thing was to me. It would slowly rise out of the watery lagoon and moan. I would beg my siblings to leave, I wanted to get away before the monster could get me. Of course, they loved to see my reaction as the monster would rise from the water, with a distinctive and menacing mooooooaaaaaaannnnn. I was 5 years old—I would cry and cling to my sister for protection. I didn’realize at the time it was a mechanical monster, incapable of hurting anyone. Even now, at 45 years old, I can still remember the fright that creepy creature caused me……but now, I smile and I am so grateful for the memories. It might be time to go back. I have a date with a certain brass ring.


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