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Hiding from Walking Charlie, 1961

I remember the Walking Charlie attraction from when I was about eight years old. There were male manikins with something that looked like a beer can on top of their heads. They were at least 4 feet tall and wore real clothes. They were on tracks that moved them behind a three foot fence.

The object was to throw a baseball and knock over the can on their head. They would come out from behind two arched doorways and would suddenly turn their heads and look directly at you, then move and look away and go back inside the doorway again. There was a mechanism that reset the cans upright when they went back inside. It was the creepiest thing I had EVER seen. I was so scared of them I would scream and cry if my dad forced me to cross in front of the stand.

I can only imagine his embarrassment, that his frady cat son could not handle the fear. I remember hiding my head under his shirt each time we passed the attraction on the way back to our car at the end of the day. This went on for several seasons. I always got the creeps even when I got older. I still have fond memories of this beloved attraction. Please bring it back as part of the celebration.


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