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Speed Boat Ride, 1956

In July of 1956 we stayed at the Sea & Sand Hotel on West Cliff Drive (still there!) and spent time at the Boardwalk with my parents.

My brother and I spent all day there while our parents looked for a home in the San Lorenzo Valley. There was a speed boat pier which also covered the water intake pipe for the swimming pool. We were able to get free taffy at the first pull of the day and it was still warm. One of the concessions near the Miss California bandstand used to have a quarter glued to the low counter and if you tried to pick it up you got a shock! We used to trick visitors into trying to pick it up. The Fun house had a neat slide and a spinning wheel that you could try to sit on and rotating drums that you could try to walk through.

I am attaching a photo of my family getting ready for our speed boat ride. Steve, Violet, Sam, and Mike Singer.

Michael Singer

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