Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Vacation Highlight, 1986

Every year, my family would camp at nearby Mt. Madonna County Park. We kids looked forward with glee to the day our parents would gather all the cousins together for a trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. My favorite rides were always the Cave Train and the Ferris Wheel. I was always filled with some dread and excitement about the Log Flume. Once, as a kid I begged the attendants at the top to take me off before the drop. They just laughed. My mother lost her sunglasses going down the flume once.
I loved going on the Ferris Wheel, just me and my Daddy, because it was our special time together, where we could look at the redwood mountains in the distance. Whenever I hear the song, “Under the Boardwalk,” I think of Santa Cruz and smile.


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