Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Wedding Fest ’97, 1997

For years while dating we would meet up with friends on Monday nights in the summer at 8 pm under the Giant Dipper sign to ride the roller coaster together. We even drove from as far away as Oakland after work so we could get there in time to park and find our friends waiting near the sign. When planning our wedding it was a logical choice to have it at the Cocoanut Grove because it was part of a favorite place to visit and had historical significance having been a casino and we liked vintage casinos. It rained on our wedding day and since we had such a large wedding party, there were few places that made sense for group portraits. When the skies cleared we realized that the span of the Giant Dipper sign where we had so many fond memories would be the perfect place. Many more family memories have been made there since and will continue. Happy 100th Giant Dipper! Hope we’ll get to love your musty tunnel smell and creaky turns for years to come.

Donna Cederlund Jones

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