Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Which Memory?

Which ONE do I share? The memories of the big indoor slide and spinning tray ride? Or the many rides on the Giant Dipper with hands UP the whole way (one time when I was 45+, myself and another lady my age were the only ones brave enough to keep our hand up!) Or the great food? Or the rides on the Carousel where the rings, that you are suppose to toss into the clown’s mouth, suddenly appear in your pocket? Or Senior Sneak day at the Boardwalk? Or chaperoning your younger brother’s Senior Sneak Day? Or taking your children to enjoy the Boardwalk?

Now being half the age of the Boardwalk I find that there are too many wonderful memories to share just one!

May the Boardwalk be around for another 100 years!!

Terry Warthan Alexander

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