Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Working at the Boardwalk, 1986

I’d been an exchange student from the UK, studying in Illinois, when I came to the Boardwalk to work for the summer with three friends. We stayed in La Bahia apartments on the beach front. We had the most amazing time. The Best place. The Best colleagues, from around the world and from Santa Cruz, and yes I had a lovely romance too. The Lost Boys was being filmed and I remember late in the evening as the crowds had relented, they were filming the concert scene that appears early on in the movie. Unseen, I was hanging off the balcony of the Sky Glider overlooking the action. I’ve lost touch with everyone from that time now….but I know you are out there somewhere…and I love you all!! Special thoughts to Helen, Tony, Ruth, Van, Stephan, Roman, Fred, and Bronwen.

Andy G

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