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The Dipper, The Ring and The Dog, 1982

We eloped on August 23, 1982. Paul Green and I were married in the Santa Clara County Court house by Judge Nelson on a beautiful summer day. It was the happiest day of our lives. We were broke, having just purchased our first home, and a new car. We couldn’t afford a trip to an exotic destination so we did then only thing our hearts desired that day. We wanted to ride the roller coaster, drink a beer with the sand in our feet and get a dog! So that’s what we did. We must have ridden the coaster three or four times. We laughed and screamed so much we were hoarse. On the way home we joked that the dips and turns of the coaster would prepare us for the ups and downs of life. And it did. Paul was striken with brain cancer 4 years later. Paul visited the boardwalk every chance he got during the years of fighting his battle even though he knew he would not win the war. Its a special place with great times for both of us. Just the sound of the clack clack over the rails brings a warm feeling to my heart and a smile on my face. Paul rests at peace in the Pacific Ocean now. Thank you for the memory.

Ruthie Callahan

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