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Hours in the Fun House, 1966

From the age of 6 years to this day my most memorable moments were when my brother, sister and myself would spend up to 4-6 hours in the Fun House.

The Fun House had walkways that went up and down. There were crazy mirrors and a sack race where you would line up about 6 across. The best thing was a spinning wheel. Everyone would race to get as close to the middle of the wheel as possible. Then you would sit and brace yourself. It would spin faster and faster until there was only one person left on it and people would cheer for you.

On the Boardwalk my favorite ride was the Wild Mouse. The single car would go up like the roller coaster and lean over the edge of the rails. When you would lean around the corner you were either scared or having the time of your life. The Boardwalk has now been at least 45 yrs of fun.

Garry Mullins

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