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Laser Lights and Bumper Cars, 1983

A bunch of us girls piled into our car and headed over to the Boardwalk. Of course we did the Giant Dipper. It was the first time my friend Jessica had been on a roller coaster. She was soooo scared at first, but after riding, she had to go on over and over again. I also remember going to a laser light show near where the Pirate Ship is now. We were screaming in the dark and annoying the other people. After that we all went over to the Bumper Cars. We rode over and over again. At the end, we looked at the bottom of our feet as we were all barefoot. We laughed so hard because the soles of our feet were pitch black from the graphite that they put on the floor. The ride operator was also laughing hard at such a sight.

shawn d

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