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My First Job, 1945

My very first job was working in the Plunge when I was 12 years old. My job was to hand out towels to the swimmers and unlock dressing room doors for them. I got the job because my Grandmother Elizabeth Majors also worked there. I remember how thrilled I was when I received my first pay check. I really wanted to keep it forever and not cash it in, but then I wanted the money too! I was born and raised on the Coast Road and each summer, while I was small, my cousins came to town from Richmond, California,and we got to spend a day on the Boardwalk. I loved the Fun House.

This April I will be 74 and my memories are about a lot of fun there and the excitement of watching the Miss California Pagent.

Congratulations on a wonderful, fun filed 100 years!

Loretta Williams

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