Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Nothing But Good Times, 1985

Of all our family weekend trips, Boardwalk memories are the most memorable. From trying to race my dad through Autorama, to just staring in amazement at the taffy machine. Jumping over the many waves that came crashing onto the sand, and of course the biting of the nails that came with waiting in line for The Giant Dipper. Keeping your eyes shut tight in The Haunted House, hoping that creepy guy in the mask wasn’t waiting there to scare you towards the end. The smell of those freshly made waffle cones and the eagerness to try and get the most wet on the Log ride. This was and still is a place for children and adults both to indulge in some good ol’ California fun and sun. Even as teenagers, us crazy kids thrived on the car ride through Highway 17. Once you hit downtown, you knew it was going to be an awesome day.

Now, at age 31 and two children of my own, there is nothing cooler than seeing the looks on their faces when I say the words Santa Cruz and Boardwalk in the same sentence, not to mention my mouth starting to water when I start to think of those strawberry funnel cakes. I will continue to make the memories great ones, even long after my grandkids have grown.

Angela Romero

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