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Report Card Day, 1974

The memory that stands out the most about the boardwalk was Report Card Day. You would take your report card to the ticket booth and with an A grade you got a day pass wristband for all the rides. We lived in San Jose at the time. We would go for the day or sometimes the weekend with the Margos, Renellas and Ferraris every year. The kids would ride the rides or play in the water under the train trestle and the moms would play cards on the beach.

They even got me on the Giant Dipper. One time and one time only.

Now 22 years later, my husband Roger and I take our 3 kids. We live local now and it is one of our favorite things to do with them. Breanna, our oldest. likes the Roller Coaster and rides it all the time with her dad. As for Lexie and Anthony, they like the smaller rides and games. I myself like to watch them have fun. No more riding rides for me, unless it is the Merry Go Round.

The boardwalk holds a lot of fond memories of my childhood and now I am making new ones with my kids.

Christy Menacho Azevedo

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