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Riding the Dipper on Opening Day, 1924

My Grandmother lived in Santa Cruz much of the 2nd half of her life. She went to the Boardwalk to see the Giant Dipper on it’s opening day to the public. She was not a fan of fast rides, knowing how conservative she was, so I imagine she had no intention of actually riding it. But either through peer pressure or a moment of personal challenge, she decided to give it try. Though she was in her thirties, she had some false teeth and, sure enough, somewhere on the ride her teeth popped out and fell. The maintence people searched for about one hour underneath the tracks but to no avail. I do not believe she ever rode it again.

My children have a standing order that if they ever are in Santa Cruz, they must bring me back a box of taffy from Marini’s Taffy…..ether vanilla or banana only! A national treasure!!

Dennis Curran

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