Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Saratoga, 1960

We used to go to the Boardwalk because it was not far from our home in Saratoga. I remember going into the funhouse…scary and FUN. I particularly the spinner. You sat down in the center and the faster it spun, the harder it was to stay on. When you couldn’t fight centrifugal force anymore, you were spun out to padded mats. I wish they still had something like that!

Later in High School (Saratoga High) we would cut school to go to the Boardwalk on occasion. We also had our Senior Sneak Day there in 1965 and one of my classmates, Steven Spielberg was the official photographer of the day. They showed his footage at our 20th class reunion.

Laurie Oberhaus Huff

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