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Exhilirating Ride

 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

"Rides & Attractions" Boardwalk Memories

Stuck at the Bottom of the Barrel, 1968

One of the attractions in the fun house was a big revolving 'barrel'. It was about 7' in diameter with no top or bottom and it sat on its side and turned like a front-loading dryer. You were supposed to go through it but it was turning and would knock you off your feet and make you slide down the sides of the barrel. I watched my father walk straight through it with his hands in his pockets. How hard could it be? I followed him and was knocked off my feet and got stuck in the barrel. They had to shut it off to get me out. I was embarrassed and mad! How did he get through it when I couldn't? He later explained he was facing forward but walking at an angle into the turn, which I couldn't tell at the time.

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