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"Games" Boardwalk Memories

Skeeball in the Arcade, 2012

I lived in San Jose and Capitola from 1967 to 2011. We went to the Boardwalk many times. It was always fun to play games in the Arcade. Skeeball was

Boardwalk Employees Making Good, 1974

I was attending a summer seminar at New York University a few years ago, and while eating breakfast one morning was introduced to another attendee by a friend of mine.

Thanks for the great memories, 2014

Thank you for all the great times I had when I spent the summer working at the Boardwalk in your Work & Travel Program. Although I was away from my

People are Different!, 1966

I had never really worked in my young life. My time was shared between going to Santa Cruz High and learning to surf. A board was a spendy item, so

Games, 1948

I began working at the Boardwalk in 1948 at the Milk Bottle Game, one of two such concessions owned my aunt, Patricia Woolridge. Walkin CharlieA couple of true hotshots would

The Greyhound Race

The Greyhound Race concession game was owned by the Canfields. This was one of the greyhounds that used to race against each other for prizes. It was eventually removed and

Live Ammo Shooting Gallery Rabbit

Here’s a rabbit that came from the last shooting gallery on the Boardwalk that used live ammunition. The shooting gallery was owned by Ed Whiting and when he closed it,

The Skee Roll Lady

Mary E. “Betty” Kingdom (August 19, 1915 – February 15, 2005) worked at the Boardwalk for thirty years. She was a dedicated employee of the Santa Cruz Seaside Company and

Pride in your work, 1988

I wanted to work at the Boardwalk so bad. Following in the footsteps of my big brother, I got a job in games. They started an award program for great

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