Voted the World’s Best Seaside Park

Years of Fun, 1964

I remember my parents loading us 5 kids in the station wagon with jugs of water (for an over-heating car) to make the trip over Highway 17 to the Boardwalk. The Cave Train was my Mom and Dad’s favorite. They would laugh and laugh at those cave people. Us kids loved the Fun House. I remember racing to get to the center of the disc and once I was about 5 and I was the last one to fall off, I really felt like I was something. We didnt make the trip often but when we did we stayed until late into the night, eating the best corndogs ever for lunch and dinner! (I have yet to find a better corndog).

Years later I am still building memories. Now in my 50’s my girlfiends from high school visit and we sometimes head to the Boardwalk and ride the Big Dipper for a good laugh! And when the grandkids come, they ride the rides and eat corndogs all day long!


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