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Life at the Beach, 1956

I have a lot of fond memories of the Plunge. My aunt, Shirley Wightman, was an aerialist in the water show with Don Patterson and a few others. My Uncle Skip (Littlefield) was Director of Entertainment, and a historian. I learned to swim from my aunt at the Plunge. We always went down to the beach after our chores were done. My aunt would make our lunch and we would go down to meet Uncle Skip. There were lots of umbrellas that you don’t see much anymore.

I remember the speed boat ride, and the old stage where they had the Miss California Contest. You would always see Uncle Skip announcing it. One of my favorite times was when my Gramma from San Jose came for the summer. She would take us to the beach and ride the Merry-Go-Round every night for a month while she was here. Those days were great. On the weekends all us kids from school would meet at Cowells Beach or the river mouth, and play in the water and hang out. We had some great times. It was a peaceful time for all.

Candy Carbone-Lippert

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